Other States

The success of the RFW initiative has spread across the country, and over 35 entities, spanning 25+ states, have reached out to learn how to best replicate the initiative to meet the needs of their communities. The addiction crisis is bigger than New Hampshire, but together, we are forging a path that brings increased access to recovery, strengthening our workforce and communities in the process, and we hope others continue to join us.

To learn more about the work that is being done in other states around Recovery Friendly Workplace, please access this folder: https://bit.ly/RFWMulti-StateMap, where you can download a clickable pdf that links to additional information on other states’ efforts. This map will be updated 1-2 times per year to incorporate additional information received on RFW-related initiatives. For questions around other states’ work, you may reach out directly to those states or Samantha Lewandowski, Assistant Director of New Hampshire’s Recovery Friendly Workplace initiative, at sam@recoveryfriendlyworkplace.com.

Additionally, New Hampshire RFW currently hosts an RFW Multi-State Community of Practice (CoP) designed to bring states together across the country who are doing RFW-related work. This CoP meets roughly 3-4 times per year and focuses on sharing best practices, navigating shared challenges, reducing silos, and fostering collaboration. If you run or are part of an RFW initiative, particularly in the non-profit sector, and would like to be part of this CoP, please contact Samantha Lewandowski at sam@recoveryfriendlyworkplace.com.

Thank you for your interest in this life-changing and life-saving work!