Community Development Finance Authority (CDFA)

On behalf of the State, the CDFA has been allocated a one-time, $1M appropriation to administer grant funds to nonprofit organizations to deliver programming through the Recovery Friendly Workplace (RFW) Initiative. Funding through the CDFA will support the RFW Program Director. In addition, funds will be available for nonprofit organizations to implement programming that will:

  • Educate employers in evidence-based practices that demonstrably reduce substance misuse in the workplace;
  • Create work environments that are conducive to enabling persons in addiction and mental health recovery to sustain and re-enter the workforce as productive members of society;
  • Train employees, including specialized training for human resources personnel, on these matters;
  • Raise public awareness and provide information that supports health and safety for employees; and
  • Promote active community engagement that will assist in reducing the negative impact of unaddressed substance misuse and untreated mental health.

State Workforce Innovation Board (SWIB) Governor’s Discretionary Funds

The State Workforce Innovation Board has granted $460K to the RFW Initiative to hire three Recovery Friendly Advisors (RFAs) who will report to the RFW Program Director. The RFAs will assist businesses throughout the process of becoming "recovery friendly." They will connect workplaces to critical resources and tools to assist in proactively addressing substance misuse. 

U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) Dislocated Worker Grant

The U.S. Department of Labor has awarded New Hampshire $5M to assist individuals with substance use disorder to reenter the workforce. These resources will be deployed to connect residents to gainful employment in support of the Recovery Friendly Workplace initiative.