Becoming a Recovery Friendly Workplace

Initial Required Components

Letter of Interest

By submitting a Letter of Interest to the Governor's Office, you are expressing your organization's desire to learn more about the initiative. Once this letter has been received, you will be contacted within 14 business days.


Businesses will receive an initial RFW orientation provided by their Regional Public Health Network. There are 13 Regional Public Health Networks in NH working to address a variety of public health concerns, including substance misuse. Each network employs a Substance Misuse Prevention Coordinator (SMPC) with extensive training and experience in the field of addiction. The SMPCs work to engage all sectors of the community, including businesses, in best practice approaches. The SMPCs will engage Recovery Organizations in the region to provide initial outreach and resources to your workplace.


Workplaces will make a declaration to employees stating their commitment to RFW principles and their participation in this initiative.


Workplaces will receive RFW designation by Governor Sununu.

Recovery Friendly Advisor (RFA)

A Recovery Friendly Advisor (RFA) will be assigned to each workplace to provide ongoing assistance throughout the process of becoming Recovery Friendly. An RFA will serve as a business liaison and will provide support and guidance in connecting workplace employees to resources, trainings, and other educational opportunities.

Additional Required Components

To be completed within one year of RFW designation with assistance from the RFA's.


Workplaces will provide employees with information and community resources, including local recovery supports, to promote health, well-being and recovery for themselves and their family members.

Training and Education

Workplaces will work with RFA's to ensure supervisors and employees receive annual training on alcohol, tobacco, and other drug policies, as well as education on substance misuse, behavioral health, and addiction.

RFW Checklist and Application

Workplaces will complete and submit RFW Checklist and application with assistance from the RFA's.


Designated Recovery Friendly Workplaces Will: 

  • Receive recognition from New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu

  • Receive a distinctive Recovery Friendly Workplace Sign for Display

  • Be advertised as a Recovery Friendly Workplace 

  • Enjoy continued access to a Recovery Friendly Advisor