Q:  Does submitting an online Letter of Interest automatically commit my workplace to becoming designated "Recovery Friendly"?

A:  No, by submitting a Letter of Interest to the Governor's Office, you are simply expressing your organization's desire to learn more about the initiative. A representative will meet with you and help walk you through the process while keeping in mind what is best for your organization's individual needs. 

Q:  Are there costs associated with the workplace trainings and access to a Recovery Friendly Advisor?

A:  There is no cost associated with the various RFW introductory trainings or access to a Recovery Friendly Advisor.

Q:  What will my workplace gain from becoming a designated Recovery Friendly Workplace?

A: By becoming a designated Recovery Friendly Workplace, you will receive recognition from Governor Chris Sununu. You will establish a commitment to overall health and wellness by creating work environments that support people in recovery, as well as all those impacted by substance misuse. Your participation will send a strong message to existing and potential employees about the positive culture of your workplace.


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